Smelling Skunks in the Delaware/Maryland areas? Give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal!

Have you noticed the stinky smell of Skunk at night? Ahh love is in the air! Late February and March is the prime breeding season for the stripped Skunk in the Delaware / Maryland area. While the male Skunk is out trying to find a mate, she may cut loose to ward off his advances if she is "not in the mood", or it could be two males trying to mate with the same female. A skunk will normally give you ample waring before they spray which may include puffing up, tail raising up and down, hissing and looking at you while stomping their front feet, but don't panic until he turns away from you!. Skunks can spray very accurately out to 10-15 feet! so it can get very stinky very fast! Take note that a adult skunk is LESS likely to spray then a young male, after they use up their ammo, it can take up to seven to ten days to replenish it. Skunks are a leading rabies vector in our area so one must practice care when dealing with them. Skunks are mostly nocturnal but please know that just because you see one in the daytime it doesn’t mean it is “rabid”. the stripped Skunk is a omnivorous, meaning their diet consists of just about everything, but they have a love for grubs and worms, so if your seeing small little holes in your yard that just appear overnight, it could be a grubbing skunk! When you think you have skunks in the area, it may be a good idea to make a little noise, or even shine a light out in your yard to check for Skunks before letting your pets out at night! If you are having issues with them, please give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal, we would be more then happy to assist you!

Don Miller

Vance Wildlife Removal is a local nuisance wildlife company dealing strictly with animals and the problems they may cause you. As a native Delawarean, I have been an avid outdoorsman for many years in Delaware, Maryland, and our surrounding areas, I have seen the problem with nuisance wildlife grow over the years due to the development of their habitats. Vance Wildlife Removal services all your nuisance wildlife problem in New Castle County and Kent County Delaware, and Cecil County Maryland.