Wildlife removal can raise many questions from home owners and commercial property estates. Let us guide you through the process as every situation has its own unique set of challenges.

How can you contact us?

Vance Wildlife can be reached by phone or text, 24 hours / 7 days a week at 302-824-4231

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What Form of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

What areas do you cover?

New Castle County, Kent County in Delaware and Cecil County, Harford County in Maryland

Are you Licensed, Certified, and Insured?

DE Business # 2014622283

Certified through the University of Nebraska and the States of Delaware and Maryland

Fully Insured

Can’t the city or county take care of the problem for free?

Please keep in mind that Delaware animal control or Maryland animal control do not typically deal with nuisance wildlife. Government animal control agencies normally deal with domesticated animals such as dogs and cats.

How can I detect a sick or injured wildlife?

It can be difficult to detect sick or wounded wildlife, but here are a few signs you can look for

Obvious wounds or bleeding
Problems standing or inability to stand
Trouble holding the head erect
Trouble breathing
Lethargic, appears unable to see or react to stimuli
Missing hair or fur
Excessive urination or fecal staining on the rear end
Signs of neurological trauma such as seizures or walking in circles

What health risk does wildlife pose?
Wildlife can carry several diseases, viruses, and parasites.   Below are a few examples of the health risks

Canine hepatitis

Do you use poison?

No, Poison is not a solution to a wildlife issue. Vance Wildlife will do everything possible to capture the animal and release it back in the wild when and where it is permitted by law.

Do you take care of termites or insects?

No, the fields are very different. Vance takes pride in dealing strictly with wildlife.

Do you pick up dead or orphaned animals?

Yes, Vance Wildlife Removal will remove dead animal carcasses. We will also pick up orphaned animals. Vance Wildlife Removal is in conjunction with a local wildlife rescue that will accept babies that are abandon by their mothers.


We are here to service you and all your wildlife needs.