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“Thank you Vance”

I can not thank Don enough. We had a bat that decided to invite itself in my bedroom. Not something that you expect to see flying around your room in the middle of the night. I contacted Vance Wildlife and Don came right out. He had the bat removed in less then five minutes. Definitely made me feel at ease. Thank you Vance Wildlife Removal!!

Michelle A.

“Awesome Experience”

Vance is awesome! After waking up to a bat flying around in my bedroom. I was freaking out and scared for me and my kids. He came right out to my house and caught the bat with in minutes. He even took the time to check out the rest of my house to make sure there wasn't anymore bats.

Amanda L.

“9 Years with a Groundhog”

After almost nine years of living with Grounghog Gus, it was high time for him to go. I called Don early one afternoon and he was here that evening to see what he would be dealing with. One trap was originally set up over the burrow entrance, but Don was also keeping an eye on the fence line. He saw where Gus was moving between yards, so a second trap was set up. Gus was caught the next day! Yay! Not only did Don catch Gus, he also gave me lots of info on how to determine if the burrow is still used, how to fill it in and on groundhogs themselves. Very interesting:) I would definitely recommend Vacnce Wildlife Removal for humane removal of nuisance critters!

Leigh M.

“Unwelcome critters”

I had a great experience with Vance. They came to my house within hours of my call to handle my concerns. We were successful in getting to unwelcome critters moved to a new home. I have already recommended Don to others and will do so without any hesitation. Great job. Thank you! Patricia Shores

Patricia S.





“Don was very nice.”

Don Miller is my new hero! Thanks to him I will not be living with an angry groundhog under my living room couch. ( My dog likes to bring in his new found playmates!) He came to our home in North Wilmington in record time, late at night and took the scary critter to a wildlife rehab center. Very professional. Very nice man.

Jacqueline B


"Groundhog removal"

 Don of Vance Wildlife Removal provided prompt and expert removal of ground hogs living under the porch. Don also put up an effective, well constructed barrier to keep the ground hogs and other animals from returning. I highly recommend this company.

Mike M.


"Bat Removal"

Had a bad experience with bats in our attic. I tried to get rid of them myself That did not work at all. 
Don, and his team , not only removed the bats they did a great job of securing our house against further intrusion. Then they did an exceptional cleanup in our attic. These guys are GOOD!!!

Mike W.

“Very Professional”

Vance Wildlife Removal helped remove bats from our house and our neighbor's house too. They provided excellent service!

Theresa B. 



I called Vance wildlife after finding a quite large black snake in my daughters room and in no time Don was there to assist us! It was very disturbing to see that and my other daughter is the one that found it in the corner on top of her window! Not something you expect to just walk in and see!! Don removed it with ease and no hassle and was completely prepared on how to handle even when the snake was being stubborn! Don even gave us advice on what else when can do to prevent more from coming in and he took the snake with him to release it safely. I would always recommend his services, I will use him
Again in the future!

Carla M.

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