Two snakes stuck on a trap

Another video of snakes on a glue board, try to remember in most places it is illegal to kill snakes, so if you end up in a sticky situation like this, give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal, we can help! Serving all your wildlife needs in the Delaware / Maryland area.

Snake on a glue board

Here is a short video on releasing a snake from a glue board, check it out!

Bat Removal

This is a little different, a Bat removed from a basement, typically they roost in attics, but this guy came down through the wall. Please don’t try handling these guys if your not sure about how to do so safely. Need help? Give us a call if your in the Delaware / Maryland area!

Digging Skunk!

Here is a skunk we were able to catch, he had been keeping the homeowner and their dogs at bay. Look at him trying to dig out of trap! If you need assistance with wildlife in the Delaware / Maryland area, give us a call at Vance!

Don Miller

Vance Wildlife Removal is a local nuisance wildlife company dealing strictly with animals and the problems they may cause you. As a native Delawarean, I have been an avid outdoorsman for many years in Delaware, Maryland, and our surrounding areas, I have seen the problem with nuisance wildlife grow over the years due to the development of their habitats. Vance Wildlife Removal services all your nuisance wildlife problem in New Castle County and Kent County Delaware, and Cecil County Maryland.

Success with the Skunk removal!

Here are the Skunks safely out of that window well, and most importantly, NO spray! If your dealing with unwanted wildlife on your property, or in your home in the Delaware / Maryland area, give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal!

Skunks in a window well!

Family of Skunks had fallen into a window well. The key here was to remove them without them spraying! If your having issues with Skunks in the Maryland / Delaware area, give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal!

Snaring a young Raccoon

safely snared this guy to get him off to the wildlife rehab!

More Skunks removed in the Delaware / Maryland area!

Another family of Skunks we were able to remove from under a shed!

Skunk removal in the Maryland / Delaware area!

Removed this family of Skunks from under the concrete at a swimming pool!

Raccoon raiding the dumpsters!

We were able to capture this Raccoon who was terrifying the workers taking the trash out!

Raccoon removal in the Maryland / Delaware area

Here we are with a Raccoon we removed from under a clients deck! If your having wildlife issues in the Maryland or Delaware area, give us a call at Vance wildlife removal, 24 hours / 7 days a week!

Fox removal in the Maryland / Delaware area!

The rain has been relentless the last week and half, but we finally caught a break and were able to catch this guy living under a porch! If you are in the Delaware and or Maryland area, and are having issues with Fox, give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal! We can help!

Raccoon released

Releasing a non-targeted Raccoon onsite of a Groundhog removal job. If your dealing with wildlife destroying your yard in the Maryland / Delaware area give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal!

Opossum with babies!

We caught this non target Opossum who was released onsite, unharmed! Look closely you can see her babies! Vance Wildlife Removal dealing with all your wildlife issues and removals in the Maryland / Delaware region!

Another litter of Raccoons!

This is our second litter this year removed from a attic! Contact Vance Wildlife Removal for all your wildlife concerns in the Delaware / Maryland areas!

Baby Raccoons removed from a attic in the Maryland / Delaware area

This is our first litter of the year! All safely removed and taken to a wildlife rehab center. Keep in mind, if you attempt to retrieve them yourself you may be dealing with a overly aggressive female! If you are hearing noises in your attic, sheds, or garage, give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal 24/7. Serving the Delaware and Maryland region.

Live Skunk removal

 Unsure of what to do after seeing a Skunk acting strangely in her yard, a client reached out to us at Vance Wildlife Removal for help. We promptly responded and removed the Skunk from their property, with no spray! If you find yourself in a uncomfortable situation with wildlife in the Maryland / Delaware area, please reach out to us at Vance Wildlife Removal 24/7!  

Vance Wildlife Removal releasing a Opossum!

Working a Groundhog job we caught this Opossum, which we released unharmed on site! For all your wildlife removal needs in Maryland or Delaware give us a call! 24/7! 

Vance wildlife removal retrieving a deceased Raccoon in the Delaware/Maryland area

Vance Wildlife Removal was called out to a clients home to capture a injured Raccoon, but unfortunately he crawled under the deck and passed, which changed things from a capture to a removal of his body. If you are dealing with wildlife on your property in Delaware or Maryland, and are unsure of what to do, give us a call at Vance Wildlife Removal. 24/7 we can help! 

Opossum under a home!

Vance wildlife removal safely removed this guy from under a clients house! If your unsure of whats under your home, and you are in Maryland or Delaware, contact us at vance wildlife!